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Zimbabwe’s National Sports Stadium ineligible for international games from November

The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has ordered the closure of the Zimbabwe National Stadium to international matches from November this year.

It means the Zimbabwe Warriors will host Ethiopia at the venue in November’s 2022 World Cup qualifying game and it will be closed afterward until outstanding issues noted by Caf are addressed.

Zimbabwean teams taking part in Caf inter-club competitions will also have to look for alternative venues.

The Zimbabwe Football Association has listed areas that are mentioned for improvement by Caf below:

Individual seats in the stadium

There should be fixed seats in all sectors of the stadium. Seats for spectators must be individual, fixed (e.g. to the floor), separated from one another, shaped, numbered, made of an unbreakable and non-flammable material, and have a backrest of a minimum height of thirty (30) cm when measured from the seat.

Electronic Turnstiles

The stadium should be equipped with modern electronic turnstiles and automated systems.

Venue Operations Centre (VOC)

The stadium must have a functional Venue Operations Centre (VOC) with a good overview of the stadium equipped with CCTV monitors.

It should have an override capability over the Public Address System in case of emergency announcements.

The VOC should be staffed and serve as the command centre for security and safety operations.

Renovation of B – Arena

The B Arena of the stadium should be renovated in line with Caf training field infrastructure requirements.

Other facilities in the stadium are still not up to the required CAF standard. The stadium needs to be fully modernized and brought up to the international standard requirements.