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Ghana and Tunisia to feature in Kirin Cup invitational

Two of Africa’s representatives for the 2022 Fifa World Cup – Ghana and Tunisia – have accepted to participate in the revived Kirin Cup Soccer tournament organized and hosted by Japan.

The invitational tournament had not been held since 2016 when Bosnia and Herzegovina won it.

Making a return after five years of no-show, hosts Japan decided to make it a preparatory competition for teams heading for the Qatar World Cup later in November.

Japan, who will be represented by the senior team – the Samurai Blue, will be joined by Chile as well as African duo Ghana and Tunisia.

The Kirin Cup Soccer is a two-round tournament that will have four games played on two separate days at Noevir Stadium in Kobe on Friday, June 10 and the Panasonic Stadium in Osaka Tuesday the 14th.


Friday, June 10 – Noevir Stadium, Kobe

• Chile vs Tunisia – 6:15 am

• Japan vs Ghana – 9:55 am

Tuesday, June 14 – Panasonic Stadium, Osaka

• Chile or Tunisia vs Ghana – 6:15 am

• Japan vs Chile or Tunisia – 9:55 am